"Finally, a real estate agent that wasn't hustling me to buy, but was actually helping me, not just find a house, but find the right house, at the right price and looked out for my interest the whole way through. Plus, I had a smart real estate attorney who made sure everything was perfect."
"I have to say Amy is very professional and definately knows real estate from top to bottom. We didnt have the best experience with another realtor so we were skeptical. They were lazy and just wanted a commission, that's not the case with Amy."  
"Our Dream Home Team saved us from what could have been a big mistake. Something a realtor on their own never would have been able to do. Then they helped us find our dream home."  
"We have bought and/or sold 4 houses over our lives and without a doubt, Amy and the DREAM Home Team has proven to be the finest of all the agents with whom we have ever dealt. She patiently worked with us tover a period of 6 months without a single complaint."  
Your Dream Home Team

The leader is Amy Walker: One of the most experienced and committed agents in Metro Atlanta. She'll make sure your search for your dream home is never a nightmare.

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How It All Works

Work with one of our DREAM Home Team buyer Agents and there will be no surprises, no unforeseen problems or issues, because they will make sure of it.

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How to Contact Us
Learn more about why the D.R.E.A.M. Buyer's Protection Plan is the SMARTEST way to by a home. Just call us at 770.649.0060 Today
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